Here at VODELLE, We push ourselves to promote only on the best quality fashion line for our customers! We believe our customers deserve the best quality clothing for their everyday life! Where our customers go VODELLE will be there to ensure the beauty in every female customers are met with perfection clothing!

VODELLE sells ladies’ garments, shoes and accessories, ancillary products through various subsidiaries. Vodelle pride itself in the best and quality fashion wear and does not give anything less than high quality. Its most prominent brands are Coco Bette, Everyday Tees and Femcce. Its goods are exported to mainly Asian countries.

COCO BETTE, a newly set up brand to tackle the high demand of premium, designer and exotic labels. All of its dresses are made to perfection and of highest quality. Custom tailor made dresses are available through Coco Bette’s extensive networks of local & foreign designers! Coco Bette’s vision is to revolutionize the premium industry with unique and quality designer labels.

EVERYDAY TEES, a brand that prides itself in comfort and affordable clothing line. Established in March 2014 under VODELLE for promoting casual clothing. Here at EVERYDAY TEES we have the 3Cs: comfortable, casual and cool!

FEMCEE, an accessory, bags, shoes section of Vodelle to tailor for the perfect match of all brands under Vodelle. Femcee’s concept is that no women should always have the best accessories to match their dresses! Shoes and Handbags are chosen from respectable suppliers to ensure no neglect in quality and beauty!

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