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We would like to introduce our Vodelle model Venuss Tan and also our Co-Founder of

She started out as a girl that avoids the fashion trends and also the dreadful topics her girlfriends shares on fashion. After seeing how amazing one can look in wearing the right dress or outfit, she decided to read up on fashion magazines, blogs, and much more! 

Venuss is aware that from her fashion journey she is more confident with herself and also her clothings. She can be more comfortable among girls. After that she decided to start with her co-founders. She strive to share her fashion knowledge and also high quality wear she sourced out and take her time looking through quality suppliers and manufacturers.

Graduated with a Mass Communication Degree, she decided to pursue her passion of fashion with the vision to spread Vodelle around the world so all girls can go out feeling comfortable with the quality of Vodelle dresses and confident with it!

She is responsible with the Vodelle brand and carries herself as the model of Vodelle! She is also in charge of the mix and match during photo shooting sessions!

Hope to see you guys soon! Do stay in touch with us as we will bring more fashion tips and trends to you soon!

Venuss Tan started to share the fashion tips and quality wear for women around the world!




Thank you!

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