• 10 Fashion Items You Need in 2015

    Posted on by Venuss Tan


    10 Fashion Items that You need in Your Daily Fashion in Spring/Summer 2015

    1. Denim

    All about Denim are hot items likes Distressed boyfriend jean, denim pinafore, denim shirt, denim pant etc. Search your wardrobe now and mix and match to be a modern denim look.

    2. White Shirt

    It's versatile, it's cool, and it's a piece that's able to be worn any day of the year, in any season. That said, there's something about summer that makes the white tee especially necessary, as it can anchor statement pieces such as wildly-printed shorts or colored jeans, add a casual element to silky, beaded, or even sequin skirts, or simply just convey a sense of summer ease with a pair of blue denim cutoff shorts or a basic pair of overalls.

    3. Oversize Shirt

    4. Cap

    Not enough time to tidy your hair when rushing to somewhere else? Or outfit of the day is too simple? Match with a cap, it make you look cool and come out with a different style.

    5. Black Canvas Shoe

    Black canvas shoe is always the most easy for mix and match.

    6. Coat

    Coat/blazer is a must when you stay longer time in low temperature room. Coat not only suitable for office wear but casual wear too. It make you look cool and stronger.

    7. Crop Top

    Crop Top shows your body figure. It will be a perfect match with tight skirt, loose pant, midi skirt etc.

    8. Midi Skirt

    The midi skirt continues to stand the test of time likely because of its versatility and ultra ladylike feel. Ranging from just below the knee to right above the ankle, the midi skirt is a demure and welcomed option to the bitty shorts that we saw for spring. 

    9. One piece Dress

    Chasing of  speedy and easy wear compare to others,  lazy to think for mix and match, then that no reason for you to reject one piece dress. Match with a high heel or sport shoe, it will be a style of your day. 

    10. Sunglasses

    When you choose a casual wear for your day, do not forget the "act cool" trend secret item-- sunglasses.

    Blogger: Jorise Lee -

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    See you soon again!

    "Taste the Fashion!"

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  • Vodelle Co-Founder

    Posted on by Alvin Ooi

    We would like to introduce our Vodelle model Venuss Tan and also our Co-Founder of

    She started out as a girl that avoids the fashion trends and also the dreadful topics her girlfriends shares on fashion. After seeing how amazing one can look in wearing the right dress or outfit, she decided to read up on fashion magazines, blogs, and much more! 

    Venuss is aware that from her fashion journey she is more confident with herself and also her clothings. She can be more comfortable among girls. After that she decided to start with her co-founders. She strive to share her fashion knowledge and also high quality wear she sourced out and take her time looking through quality suppliers and manufacturers.

    Graduated with a Mass Communication Degree, she decided to pursue her passion of fashion with the vision to spread Vodelle around the world so all girls can go out feeling comfortable with the quality of Vodelle dresses and confident with it!

    She is responsible with the Vodelle brand and carries herself as the model of Vodelle! She is also in charge of the mix and match during photo shooting sessions!

    Hope to see you guys soon! Do stay in touch with us as we will bring more fashion tips and trends to you soon!

    Venuss Tan started to share the fashion tips and quality wear for women around the world!




    Thank you!

    Taste the Fashion!

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  • Korean Fashion Trends in Vodelle Online Shopping Store

    Posted on by Venuss Tan

    Korean Fashion Trends in Vodelle Online Shopping Store!

    So what are the trends nowadays? Lets get to the chase, busy girls and ladies! We've decided to compile the latest (16th May 2015) korean fashion trends so we can all share the trends and also the cheeky and sexy korean clothings!

    When looking at korean trends and also the styles to keep you updated and also making sure you don't have an outfit that is sooo 2000ish. Yes we know its sexy back then, but now you have to keep up with the sense. We at Vodelle don't want you to keep following the trend but be confident and match it nicely so that you won't feel bad going out for your daily routine! If your gonna dress, make sure its worth it right?

    Well here goes, we found out that no matter if its in Korea, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or New York it is "Calm Colours". There seems to be a sort of unspoken rule that when its comes to outfit having colourful outfits not only affects your mood and emotions, it elevates them to a more positive note! Psst: We're talking bout dark and stable colours.

    Colours can grab attention and also don't mix badly. Let's just see some of the examples below. 

    DARK / Black & White Style + COLOURS.

    1. Classic Overall White Fashion style.

    (Courtesy of

    2. Heavy Dark Coloured Outfit with a Pastle Blue top and Artist hat.

    (Courtesy of

    3. Blue Coloured Pastle Checkered Jumpsuit.

    (Courtesy of

    4. Classic White patterned dress shorts plus Gray Jacket.

    (Courtesy of

    Well you can see the styles are more stable and more to the darker colours and the one blue checkered Jumpsuit enhances the girls' smiles! If your the happy go lucky type wearing a more colourful outfit can really increases your cheeky and happy energy! The ones with the darker colours are more stylish and calm. It gives the more mature look to a girl. 

    Lets continue...

    5. Dark Black Top and Long Dress coupled with a Black Boots.

    (Courtesy of

    6. Tight short tees and skinny tight pants

    (Courtesy of

    7. Dark blue hat with Long Sleeve White Shirt and Dark Blue Midi Long Skirt with Dark leggings and Vintage Shoes.


    8. White UV Hoodie with a Diamond Patterned Pants and High Socks plus Sports Shoes.


    9. Dark Long sleeve shirt with Enlarged Maroon Jacket and Rectangle Pattern Medium Skirt.


    These are some of the growing trends that can stand the test of time and also by mix and matching the dark colours with one or two colours can really liven up the outfit! Allowing you to get the best of both worlds, having a colour and also a dark black and white dominance over your outfits! Bringing the sexy and prestigious look of yours!

    Do share your thoughts on our fashion take and lets grow our fashion sense together!

    Thank you and have a great fashion shopping ahead!

    Thank you!

    Taste the Fashion!

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  • Vodelle Ambassadors: Shermaine Teow

    Posted on by Venuss Tan

    We would like to introduce our ambassador Shermaine Teow with a sweet smile and petite body that carries the sweetness and high quality of our Vodelle brand. She's a cheerful girl with a high taste for great quality fashion wear. We believes she look great with dresses and also a attire that brings her curves and body line out! 
    Shermaine Teow a cheerful gal from Penang, Malaysia. She is a banking & finance from UTAR with a sense of fashion with travelling as one of her interests and also avid freelancer at the moment. Best in all she's one of Vodelle's Ambassador!
    We always mix and match in our daily outfits therefore a one piece dress is always convenience for ladies outings. The dress are much more convenient for ladies compared to pants and jeans. Wear to different functions such as dinner, work, event and hangouts. Match Vodelle dress with a necklace and a sling bag to bring the best out of the dress! 
    Hope to see you guys soon! Do stay in touch as we will bring more fashion tips soon! Thank you to our Vodelle ambassador Shermaine Teow for her time and effort in joining the Vodelle Family!
    See you soon again!
    "Taste the Fashion!"

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